PADI - Divemaster


The PADI - Divemaster, is the first level as a professional in the recreational diving.
As a Divemaster, you will conduct for example;activities on dive boats, you will oversee qualified divers and inform them about the local diving conditions, you will accompany them under water and answering their questions.

The position of Divemaster's assistant in diving courses, is an important aid to the instructor. Practicing with the student divers you learn to demonstrate all the diving skills. This is the first step in your own training to becoming an instructor.

If you decide to accept the challenge, to support less experienced divers through your knowledge, we would like to accompany you on your way to becoming a professional diver.

The course:

Course price

on request


certification as an advanced and rescue diver for example PADI-AOWDand Rescue

Minimum age:

18 jears


20 dives to beginning the course
60 dives to complet the course

Other Requirements:

First Aid with CPR training for exemple PADI-EFR not oder then 2 jears