PADI - Open Water Diver


Open Water Diver

Diving certificate, DIN EN 14153-2 "Autonomous Diver"

Diving is fun! It's an adventure and an unforgettable experience allowing you to enjoy the natural underwater world.

Learning to dive. . . . is also fun!! To scuba dive safely it is important to learn how to use the equipment and how the body reacts under pressure. Don't worry! The program is designed to help you to understand with ease the concepts and also to allow us to have fun.!

Diving is a team sport!
As an Open Water Diver you are qualified, to dive with other trained divers to a depth of 18m.

OWD - Course Structure
The course is divided into three parts:
- Dives in confined water
- Theory
- Open water dives from the boat

The cours:

course price

380,- €


diving equipment, compressed air, boat


included in the price

minimum age:

10 years (10 and 11 years with restrictions on depth and supervision!)


medical certificate