SSI - Advanced Adventurer Diver

THE SECOND STEP - Advanced Adventurer Diver

Continue exploring the oceans, extend your dive times, reduce your air consumption and more with the SSI Advanced Adventurer program. Try 5 different dive specialties without committing to a full dive program and discover the diving you love. This is the best way to continue your education to become a confident, safe and comfortable advanced diver.

A diver who makes 5 dives, to choose from different specialties, will obtain the Advanced Adventurer Diver degree. You will have the opportunity to try 5 different specialties. You will complete an immersion by specialty, and if you later decide to do a specific full program in any of the specialties you have tried, the immersion made in each specialty will serve as part of the specialty course when you want to do this specific training.

In many areas of diving, special techniques and theoretical knowledge are required that are not learned in the Open Water Diver course. The Advanced Adventurer Diver course is an opportunity to learn some of these techniques safely.

Adventure Diving Options:

Deep diving
Wreck diving
Night dive
Perfect buoyancy
Search and recovery
Enriched Air Nitrox
Boat diving

The course:


310 € 


Tank/Boat trip

Online theory



Basic course with a minimum of 4 dives, for example Open Water Diver


Having done some dives before the start of the course to gain experience, this will help you make the most of the course and gain more solid knowledge.

Minimun age:

10 years old (12 years if the deep dive option is choosen)