SSI - Open Water Diver

First level in the SSI course scale (recognized internationally), with this diving certificate you will be able to dive up to a maximum of 18 metres, rent and buy scuba gear.

The Open Water Diver course in 3 parts:

- dives in confined waters

- developing skills & know how

- dives from the boat

During the dives in enclosed waters you will apply the basics of diving, learn and practice diving techniques and procedures. The 5 parts that are in enclosed waters relate to the 5 parts of developing skills and know how.

The development of skills and know how establishes the basic knowledge and information that all divers need to know in order to enjoy diving safely. The course broken up into 5 parts is accompanied by the padi manual, the padi video - owd, and the help of your instructor.

The dives in open waters compliment your training as a beginner diver applying and developing your techniques and know how in an environment controlled by the guide and under the supervision of the instructor. You will make at least 4 dives from the boat.

Price / Requirements:


395€ per person  This includes: On-line theory, face-to-face examination, SSI certification, insurance during the course, renting of diving equipment, dives from boat and confined waters.


- Diving medical certificate (you can obtain this in l'Escala).

- TIME NEEDED:  4 complete days (for example 2 weekends if you don't have 4 consecutive  days available)