SSI - Wreck Diving


"Wreck diving means diving into the past – and it is always told with a certain emotion..."

It is an incredible experience to see a large ship from a bird's eye perspective and glide across the captain's bridge.

But there are also tragedies related to shipwrecks. Wreck diving is exciting and there are also some potential risks, but with proper training WRECK DIVING will become a great adventure.

During the Wreck Diving SPECIALTY COURSE you will learn where and how to obtain information on wrecks, how to locate wrecks and how to prepare for a wreck dive. During the 2 mandatory dives you will apply proper wreck diving techniques, as well as evaluate and avoid potential risks while wreck diving.

If you want to learn more about Wreck DIVING, you just have to sign up for the course.

Contents of the Wreck Diving SPECIALTY COURSE:

Selection of a Wreck
Wreck Diving Equipment
Wreck Location
Wreck Diving
Advanced Wreck Diving

The main objective of any SSI Specialty course is to teach you the most important techniques in a fun environment. All courses are taught with theoretical classes and training in the water.

Course price: €160

Combine other specialties while taking the WRECK DIVING course! DIGITAL UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY or DEEP DIVING specialties are perfect. The possibilities are unlimited!