National Park

Almost all of the dives are done inside the Montgrí Natural Park, This gives us an added value, we need to be aware that we are in a Natural Park and we need to be very respectful with the environment.

  1. The park is located between the Alt and Baix Empordà, from L’Escala (north) to Pals (south).
  2. It occupies more than 8,000 Ha, 2,000 of which are maritime and is made up of 8 municipalities (Torroella de Montgrí, Pals, Ullà Gualta, Palau-Sator, Bellcaire d’Empordà, L’Escala and Fontanilles).
  3. It was created as a Natural Park in 2010.
  4. We can find a great diversity of landscapes, species, habitats and villages.
  5. Apart from diving, you can also enjoy the park on foot, as there are 180 km of signposted routes for walking or cycling. Apart from the visit to the castle of Montgrí from where you can enjoy a view of the whole area of ​​the Park.
  6. As for the marine environment, its exceptionality is the coral reef walls, the Posidonia meadows (one of the best preserved on the Catalan coast and which serve as a refuge and food for a good number of species) and the caves and underwater tunnels.
  7. Almost all the underwater environments of the Western Mediterranean are represented on the seabed.
  8. During the boat trip to the dive site we will be able to enjoy the spectacular view of the cliffs